Friday, December 4, 2015

moving on!

 So here is the next row of the double wedding ring.  The froglet turned 21 this week... I cant believe its been 21 years since she entered my life... and she certainly made a huge entry.

I'm getting excited again as she and her solider boy will be home in 16 days for Christmas and new years... then she will be coming home from Brisvegas for 6 months.... road trip coming up!!
So now my other exciting news.... saw my physio today and I can chuck the crutches!  I can now increase my exercises ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD I sat on wasabi today... oh my!  how excited am I!  hahahaha....  had to come to a compromise with the physio... she said she didn't want me to ride for another 2 weeks... but you let me sit on my bike!!   So I have a hybrid bike.. its more upright and has a big fat arse seat... I can go for short rides and increase as it feels ok.... BUT I can also put my wasabi on the wind trainer and start riding on the back verandah.  WOOOT!!

So stay tuned..... going to be some posts about my numb butt no doubt in the next couple of weeks... but I will be smiling as I will be riding!!


Christine M said...

Glad to hear you on well on the way to recovery, Libby. Just sitting on your bike is a good start. You must have been having withdrawals! Your quilt is looking great. xx

QueenB said...

Great news Libby, enjoy the rides, don't overdo the klms!

Maddy said...

Christmas is a great time to enjoy family. So happy for you on the road to recovery. Do not over do it, looking forward to new post about your road trip.