Sunday, October 27, 2013

ride to conquer cancer

Today some of my friends that I ride with regularly completed the ride to conquer cancer.  The four girls had to raise $2500 each. They rode 100m from Albert Park to Hastings on Saturday and then did the return journey today.

They did sausage sizzles, lots of sausage sizzles and a big dinner with great auction items.  They raised funds together and individually.  It was a hard slog but they got over the line and some.

They along with 1600 other riders raised funds to hopefully help find cures to the many cancers that people die from daily.

I drove down to Brighton to cheer them and the other riders on.  I wore my Team Lynne t shirt in honour of my friend who lost her fight a few months ago to cancer, I was touched when one of the girls told me that she thought of Lynne while she rode.  I managed to meet one of the riders who is doing all 5 rides along with a bunch of other ambassadors I see her on facebook regularly but hadn't physically met her until today.

Most of the events that I do raise funds for something, have you done an event because of the personal challenge or for the fund raising?

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