Thursday, September 5, 2013

finished quilt!

Found this pencil case the other day and knew I had to have it.  Will be perfect to keep a small project in!

 Here is my latest quilt that I have been working on... finally all quilted and bound.
 Milly inspected the workmanship.  My friend Anita from quilted it for me and did as usual an excellent job.
 Nothing like the satisfaction of a finished quilt.
 I used a pre made bias binding which worked really well for me.
 Here is a little peek at my new robe, filled with boxes of fabric... I now can access all my fabrics easily and see them too... so much better than the messy piles I had.  This is now a new work in progress, today I was sorting out a box of my pretty fabrics ready to do a quilt for ME!  I got so involved I forgot to go to my osteopath, and I really needed to go.

On Sunday my bestie and I are riding 115km up in Shepparton in a ride called the fruit loop ride... everyone keeps telling me how apt the name of the ride is for me, I just don't understand... heheheheh.

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