Tuesday, September 18, 2012

doing the ton

 So today I received my riders kit for round the bay in a day.  this year I'm doing the 100km ride.

 This is the jersey that we are all being asked to wear this year.... all good and well if its over 25 degrees!!  but at 6am in the morning its usually rather chilly and everyone is layered up with thin layers of Lycra.
Last week I rode a very satisfying 60km up to Whittlesea and did the Humevale road which is a nice 7km hill climb up the mountain.

I also got to lay out all the bits of the double wedding ring to see if I have to cut any more out.  I'm really happy with the look of it.


Melody said...

You clever cookie on both counts. Well done on the ride and your quilt is looking fabulous

Maddy said...

Great going girl...busy as you are. Love your DWR mine is still on hold, but l know where it is....good start.
You are unbelievable with your bike riding, good luck even though l am sure you will not need it. I will tell DH to watch out for you on the road....Mc Crae.