Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I logged on just now with the intentions of posting some photos, but I cant find the blessed things so I am sorry once again for a lack of pictures.

I have been busy doing lots of taxi runs for the froglet.  she also just earned her yellow belt in judo, only been doing it for 3 months so she is well impressed.

The noisy one also is doing judo and ju jitsu, I hope that she finds some confidence in herself with this.

I have a big bike ride this weekend, its a 65km ride, that's not a problem... its the 2.3km hill climb that scares me.  Wish me luck!!  Its for a good cause, my work so if I cant walk on Monday they cant complain lol.

time to feed my fur babies, they are growing big... cookie the rag doll is now 1 year old!!! Milly howls when I go out without her, she is very much my dog.


Maddy said...

Wishing you the best of luck, even though l know it has been hard work getting ready for these bike rides. Hopefully you will not feel it too much afterwards. Go Girl!

Melody said...

Good luck on your bike ride. Hope you have heaps of fun - no falling off!